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Let it simmer

I have been working on a new novel for a bit now. It has flowed well. Then stuttered to a stop mid scene. Something was off about this scene. It would just not play out right.

What do you do when you falter? When you know beyond a doubt that something is just off about a scene or a chapter or where you are going with a story?

I let it simmer first of all. I step back, stop and let the ideas stir…

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Discarding the Pen Name

Discarding the Pen Name

Since I used to keep my pen name in order to keep my professional life separate from my writing life there really is no more need for it.

So I have decided to be rid of it to make things more streamlined for me.

However, that does mean changing quite a few things. More than a few, including the ebooks themselves. It is going to take me all night I think.

I have twitter done. This site. My…

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Typo Blind

It seems that no matter how many times we edit our own work we can be blind to typos. Yet when we read a book or edit the work of someone else the typos pop right out. According to the article What’s up with that: Why it’s so hard to catch your own typos there is a reason behind this:

“The reason typos get through isn’t because we’re stupid or careless, it’s because what we’re doing is actually…

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