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Working on a little non-fiction lately

Working on a little non-fiction lately

I write some non-fiction as well as my novels and occasional poetry. The non-fiction is health related at this time. I stated doing in when I was on a leave from work to keep me occupied and continue to do so now that I am on leave from work again. I write for two sites. One is called Examiner which pays me a few pennies for my work and another is a site where I am a guest blogger so it is free.

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I went on a road trip into a land that had no wi-fi. Yes, such lands exist. Very scenic lands.

In this case it was a cabin in the Okanagan by Penticton. His cabin sits right on Twin Lakes. I could live in that place with that view and weather. Below are a few of the pictures I took on the road trip there and back as well as the view from the cabin itself.

Being deprived of wifi and unable to use my laptop was not a loss. I had a book with me and my Kindle as back up. I always need something for my insomnia time. That is once everyone else is tuckered out and off to bed I need to entrain myself.

We went there to relax because my other has recently finished her cancer treatments. The chemo then the radiation. She is still feeling the chemo related neuropathy but she wanted to go away to relax with family. So we all all got together.

To me there is nothing better than traveling into the mountains and the deep wood.


It brings a certain peace to me. Like i can really breath for the first time. And breathing in that pine scent. So good. I find the atmosphere very relaxing. Very majestic as well. The mountains will always be majestic to me. No matter how often I see them.

We did some canoeing. Kayaking. Played crib on cloudy days. Explored the area a bit and then went to check out the national part in Penticton. I have a couple shots here form there action from one trail we were on. I read a great book. And I plotted my own book while there as well in my note book.

It is nice sometimes to get out of your element and mindset somewhere else. Somewhere that makes you feel a peace like the mountains do for me.

Road trip. I went on a road trip into a land that had no wi-fi. Yes, such lands exist.

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Let it simmer

I have been working on a new novel for a bit now. It has flowed well. Then stuttered to a stop mid scene. Something was off about this scene. It would just not play out right.

What do you do when you falter? When you know beyond a doubt that something is just off about a scene or a chapter or where you are going with a story?

I let it simmer first of all. I step back, stop and let the ideas stir…

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Discarding the Pen Name

Discarding the Pen Name

Since I used to keep my pen name in order to keep my professional life separate from my writing life there really is no more need for it.

So I have decided to be rid of it to make things more streamlined for me.

However, that does mean changing quite a few things. More than a few, including the ebooks themselves. It is going to take me all night I think.

I have twitter done. This site. My…

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