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A poem: The Bright

A poem: The Bright

The Bright

Will you talk to me about what goes on in the light?

Beyond my shimmering, shaking sight?

I will tell you of the moonbeams

Of colorful, iridescent silent streams

If you will just tell me what goes on in the bright

So far out of my sight.

I will tell you how I captured thunder in my skull

How lightning is contained within me without lull

If you will tell me the secrets outside my…

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Google Docs

It seems that Google Docs seems to have the best app so far for viewing and editing a document on my Samsung tablet. This happens to work out for me since I am starting to work fresh on a couple new novels which means I can use that as my platform. I have in the past used it as a way to get around the problem of having different word programs on my computer than my laptop… and endless frustration…

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Looking at the Antagonist

Looking at the Antagonist


Check out:

Ten Tips for a Terrific Antagonist

I love a good antagonist.

One point that really stuck out for me was:

4. Make sure your antagonist—at least in his own mind—has justification for everything he does. He has to believe he’s in the right, otherwise your reader won’t feel he’s real and will disconnect. To make him believable, be sure he believes in himself and every step he takes.


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Trying to get my tech savvy on

Trying to get my tech savvy on

So I have this new Samsung tablet I have been getting used to. So far, yes, I have a lot of games. Yes, indeed I do. However, I want to get a little more tech savvy with it. I have my dropbox on it. I ever downloaded Evernote. I feel all connected now. But having a app that I can write on would be perfect. I have messed around with a few now and none have quite worked out. As in being able to…

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There are books that one reads over and over again, books that become part of the furniture of one’s mind and alter one’s whole attitude to life, books that one dips into but never reads through, books that one reads at a single sitting and forgets a week later.
Books v. Cigarettes, George Orwell (via readaroundtherosie)

(via literatureismyutopia)

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five Famous Authors on Writer’s Block

FRIDAY FIVE: Five Famous Authors on Writer’s Block


It happens to most of us

Have you ever had a writer’s block? Ever experienced your thoughts, your imagination going blank? Read what these famous writer’s have to say about the most common disease among the writers called the writer’s block.

“I step away from the computer and swim. I really wish someone had told me earlier that there’s a…

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Cover for new novel

Cover for new novel

I am getting ready to post the sequel to White Witch Where Art Thou? which is titled All Drugged Up and Nowhere to Go.

So I have to come up with a cover for it. I would love to pay someone to do it but alas I am poor so that is not currently an option. So what I have been doing is using photography and altering it. Nothing grand.

Here is what I have come up with for this one.

all drugged up nowhere to go cover

The picture is one…

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